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Gamraj is an Indian comic book character published by Raj Comics. Gamraj is the son of Yamraj, the god of death in Hindu Mythology. He has been living on earth among normal people as he has been very emotional and sentimental and requested his father to allow him to go and live on earth as he wanted to help the people here. His father permitted him to go but he also sent Yamunda, the buffalo who was the son of Yamraj's buffalo. Yamunda has heavenly powers of disappearing and can appear when Gamraj calls him and also he can transform into any vehicle he wants.

                             On Earth, Gamraj met Shankalu who has been living with his wife Ratalu and their 12 kids who help Gamraj in solving people's problems along with their own (as Yamunda is a regular ride for Shankalu's family).

                                             Lanky likeable teenager who always laughs his troubles away. Gamraj has a knack of inviting troubles and landing himself into the soup. T-shirt and jeans are his standard wear. Bizarre characters confront Gamraj creating hilarious comic scenes laced with suspense and thrills. Helping out poor and down trodden is his habit.
                                    His power is his pet young bull buffalo Yamunda bestowed with the divine power of transforming into anything wished by his master. Yamunda is a gift to Gamraj from the Gods as an apology for their blunders. 

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  1. Gamraj गमराज (First Comics of Gamraj)
  2. Gamraj Aur YAMUNDA
  3. Gamraj Aur EK DIN KA YAMRAJ
  4. Gamraj Aur Ulta Pulta गमराज और उल्टा पुल्टा 
  5. Gamraj Aur Hum Aapke Hai Wo गमराज और हम आपके है वो
  6. Gamraj Aur Ba Ba Buffello गमराज और बा बा बुफ्फेल्लो
  7. Gamraj Aur Ice Cream Wala गमराज और आइस क्रीम वाला
  8. Gamraj Aur Car Chor
  9. Gamraj Aur Looto Bhaago Pakde Jaao गमराज और लूटो भागो पकड़े जाओ
  10. Gamraj Aur Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan
  11. Gamraj Aur Jaani Dushman
  12. Gamraj Aur Anpad Lutera
  13. Gamraj Aur  Bolo Mere Aaka
  14. Gamraj Aur Tap Tap Tapori
  15. Gamraj Aur Bojh Hatao
  16. Gamraj Aur Soldier
  17. Gamraj Aur Adal Badal
  18. Gamraj Aur Aag He Aag गमराज और आग ही आग 
  19. Gamraj Aur Jhoom Barabar Jhoom गमराज और झूम बराबर झूम
  20. Gamraj Aur Nashili गमराज और नशीली
  21. Gamraj Aur Hatyara Hero गमराज और हत्यारा हीरो
  22. Gamraj Aur Ring Master गमराज और रिंग मास्टर
  23. Gamraj Aur Bathroom Singer गमराज और बाथरूम सिंगर  
  24. Gamraj Aur Khota Sikka गमराज और खोटा सिक्का 
  25. Gamraj Aur Tulatod गमराज और तुलातोड़
  26. Gamraj Aur Chalkhali गमराज और चालखाली
  27. Gamraj Aur Panch Rupye गमराज और पांच रुपये
  28. Gamraj Aur Daud Choohe Aaye गमराज और दौड़ चूहे आये 
  29. Gamraj Aur I Love My India गमराज और ई लव माइ इंडिया
  30. Gamraj Aur Mera Bharat Mahaan गमराज और मेरा भारत महान
  31. Gamraj Aur Dr Bander गमराज और डॉक्टर बंदर
  32. Gamraj Aur Ladai Ladai Maaf Karo गमराज और लड़ाई लड़ाई माफ करो 
  33. Gamraj Aur Saare mama गमराज और सारे मामा
  34. Gamraj Aur Takat Ke Chor गमराज और ताकत के चोर
  35. Gamraj Aur Daku Jhoolan Devi गमराज और डाकू झूलन देवी
  36. Gamraj Aur Gutter Chorasi गमराज और गटर चोरासी
  37. Gamraj Aur Polio Gang गमराज और पोलीयो गैंग
  38. Gamraj Aur Jurasik Park गमराज और जुरासिक पार्क
  39. Gamraj Aur Chini Jasoos गमराज और चीनी जासूस 
  40. Gamraj Aur Doorbin गमराज और दूरबीन 
  41. Gamraj Aur Kaali Kalandar गमराज और काली कलनदर
  42. Gamraj Aur Kala Bandar गमराज और काला बंदर
  43. Gamraj Aur Ko Klachi Paki गमराज और को क्लाची पाकी 
  44. Gamraj Aur Pil Pila Lala गमराज और पिल पीला लाला
  45.  Gamraj Aur liliput
  46. gamraj aur ustad gulgula 
  47. Gamraj Aur tarzan ka beta 
  48. Gamraj Aur mr.india  
  49. gamraj hi gamraj गमराज ही गमराज 
  50. Gamraj Aur laddu 
  51. Gamraj Aur kauaaji 
  52. Gamraj Aur coolie no 1 
  53. Gamraj Aur mast kalandar 
  54. Gamraj Aur hum sab bhoot hai 
  55. Gamraj Aur mogli 
  56. Gamraj Aur commando 
  57. Gamraj Aur jungle pandey 
  58. Gamraj Aur kubad 
  59. Gamraj Aur Raddi ki rani 
  60. Gamraj Aur Budhiya Ke Baal 
  61. Gamraj Aur Ishtihaari Mujrim 
  62. Gamraj Aur Jootaji
  63. Gamraj Aur Aah Ooyee
  64. Gamraj Aur Taakat Ke Chor
  65. Gamraj Aur cementa 
  66. Gamraj Aur speed breaker 
  67. Gamraj Aur aa maut mujhe mar
  68. Gamraj Aur JAMES BOND 
  69. Gamraj Aur TULA TOD 
  70. Gamraj Aur Remote Man 
  71. Gamraj Aur Khaana Kharaab 
  72. Gamraj Aur Jal Soorma 
  73. Gamraj Aur Mapose Raambharose 
  74. Gamraj Aur bheghar 
  75. Gamraj ka hungama 
  76. Gamraj Aur buddhumaan 
  77. Gamraj Aur kar ya mar 
  78. Gamraj Aur Gatar 
  79. Gamraj Aur Dhama Chaukdi 
  80. Gamraj Aur Baap Ka Raaj Hai 
  81. Gamraj Aur Koi Hil gaya 
  82. Gamraj Aur Kick Boxer 
  83. Gamraj -- Kaun Banega Roadpati 
  84. Gamraj Daud CHuhe Aaye 
  85. Gamraj Aur Prasanjeet -Doga/Gamraj 
  89. Gamraj Aur life boy 
  90. Gamraj Aur sanki bhai 
  91. Gamraj Aur kabad ka jugad
  92. Gamraj Aur aag hi aag 
  93. Gamraj Aur khota sikka 
  94. Gamraj Aur teen tigada 
  95. Gamraj Aur GOOGLI KING-0094
  96. Gamraj Aur ADIYAL TATTU GENL-0874
  97. Gamraj Aur DULHE RAJA GENL-0967
  98. Gamraj Aur KAL PURJE GENL-0997
  99. Gamraj Aur PICASSO GENL-1058
  100. Gamraj Aur POSTER GENL-1097

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