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Raj Comics

First appearance : Issue No 14 "Nagraj" (1986)
                                                  Nagraj ("Snake-King") (नागराज in Devanagari script) is an fictional character, an Indian comic book superhero character from Raj Comics, who can arguably be considered the longest-running Indian action comic superhero. Created in the late 1980s by Sanjay Gupta, Nagraj has changed a lot in his 25 years in print, both in terms of looks as well as in stories. Despite the fact that comic culture had at one point almost vanished in India, his fan base continued to increase and today he is one of the most iconic characters of the Indian comic book industry. 
                                                        The debut issue of Nagraj was written by renowned writer Parshuram Sharma and illustrated by Pratap Mullick. Mullick successfully illustrated the character for around 50 issues, ending in 1995. Since 1995, the illustration work of Nagraj has been taken over by artist and writer Anupam Sinha.

The name Nagraj is derived from the word "Nagaraja"(Hindi:नागराजा ) which is itself made up of two words "Nāga"(Hindi:नाग) and "Raja"(Hindi:राजा) where the word "nāga" means snake and "raja" means king. Nagraj is believed to have been inspired by the mythological Ichchhadhari Nag (shape shifting snakes) and historical Vishmanushya (venomous human). His stories create a rich blend of mythology, fantasy, magic, and science fiction. Many of Nagraj's fans believe that, over time, Nagraj's comics have developed a Snake Mythology of its own, which is unique to the popular Indian beliefs about snakes that are prevalent among the masses.

Nagraj was originally conceived as an enemy of international terrorism. Interestingly, in his debut issue, Nagraj was unleashed as an international terror weapon by the evil scientist Professor Nagmani. Nagraj, in this first mission, was tasked with stealing a golden statue of a Goddess from a temple that was protected by tribal devotees, snakes, and by a mysterious 300-year old Sadhu named Baba Gorakhnath. Nagraj succeeded in his task, but upon confrontation with Gorakhnath and his mystic Black Mongoose shikangi, was defeated. Gorakhnath read his mind and discovered that Professor Nagmani had implanted a mind control device in the form of a capsule in Nagraj's head, to keep him under his control. Gorakhnath operated and removed the capsule from Nagraj's head, setting Nagraj free of Professor Nagmani's control. Nagraj then became Baba Goraknath's disciple and vowed to eliminate crime and terror from the Earth. Since then, Nagraj has thrice toured the world and defeated many villains and terrorists.

Presently, Nagraj lives as Raj in a fictional Metropolitan City Mahanagar as an employee of a TV Channel that is secretly owned by himself.

                                                       In ancient times, when gods still visited Earth without any restrictions, there existed a kingdom known as Takshaknagar, ruled by King Takshakraj and Queen Lalita. The ruling couple had no worries except for one: the fact that they had no children. The absence of a prince or princess made Nagpasha the only potential heir to the throne. Nagpasha was the younger identical brother of the King Takshakraj. Knowing that he was the only potential heir to the throne, Nagpasha started living a lavish worry-free life.

As time passed, Queen Lalita started getting depressed about not having a child of her own. The king realised the cause of her depression and got upset as well. The couple used to pray to their family deity Deva Kaljayi for his blessings. Deva Kaljayi also knew of their grievances, so one day he blessed them to have a great child. His blessings came true as the queen soon became pregnant and the whole kingdom rejoiced, except for Nagpasha. The birth of this child meant the loss of the throne for him, so he decided to kill the child before he was born.

One day when the queen was going to pray to Deva Kaljayi, Nagpasha replaced the curtained plate of her offerings to the god with one containing a dead mongoose. The Snake God got angry and knocked her unconscious with his venomous breath. The king sought forgiveness from the Devta and pleaded with him to cure his wife, to which the Devta refused. Then the desperate king tried to commit suicide. Not able to withstand a devotee's death, Deva Kaljayi showed him a way to save the queen's life. He gave a crystal to the king and told him to treat it with the queen's medicine. The crystal would divert all the poison from the queen's body to the child's body. However, due to the ill effects of the poison. the queen would lose her fertility.

The kingdom was highly grieved, as was the king. Nagpasha was overjoyed that he was now the sole heir to the throne. When the child was born, everyone believed him dead because his whole body was blue and showed no signs of life. As per Hindu rituals, the newborn baby was thrown into the river. (Don't get confused about why he was not cremated. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that Yogi of high calibre can leave their body in form of soul and as a soul can perform tasks like switching between bodies or travel between different worlds. It is a Hindu ritual that when a child is stillborn, or dies in his infancy, his body is placed in the river so that if some soul wishes to use the body it can take it over. For the same reason, when adults die their bodies are destroyed by fire, because adults do have a social life and their body is likely to be misused.)

Nagpasha rejoiced and went, intoxicated, to Deva Kaljayi, the deity that also protected the grand royal treasure in form of a giant two-headed snake, and asked him to hand over the royal treasures, telling him that now he was the sole heir to the throne, so the treasure rightfully belonged to him. Deva Kaljayi refused and told him that the "real successor" to the throne was alive and when the time comes the treasure will be handed over to him. Enraged, Nagpasha raised his sword against the deity only to be thrown away by a mere flick of the giant snake's tail. Nagpasha fell upon two bowls, one containing the highly toxic venom (halahal,the greatest form of venom as believed by Hindus) which destroyed his face and mixed with his blood, and the other containing Amrit, which made him immortal. Simultaneous effects of both made Nagpasha an immortal, venomous man. At that time, Nagpasha could not tolerate the changes in his body and fainted.

When the king was informed of the happenings by Deva Kaljayi, he realised that his son was not dead and he also realised the potential dangers to his son's life. So he ordered his faithful astrologer Vedacharya, who had great knowledge of Tilism to enclose the treasure in a Tilism which could be broken only by his son. Vedacharya made the tilism with the co-operation of Deva Kaljayi to ensure that no one, except for the king's son, will be able to break the tilism, not even immortal Nagpasha. When Nagpasha came to his senses, he realised that he had lost the treasure. Enraged, he murdered the king and the queen.

The child, floating away on the river in his state of suspended animation, got stuck somewhere in bushes. He laid there for a long time.

Meanwhile, the snake deity Deva Kaljayi appeared in the dreams of King Maniraj and his wife Queen Manika, rulers of ageless Ichchhadhaari naags, living secretly on an invisible island in the Indian Ocean called Nagdweep. He told them the location of the baby and asked them to cure him. They did so and discovered that the baby was far more venomous than the greatest snake on Nagdweep, which was Mahatma Kaaldoot, indicating that he had divine venom of the god. Initially, the raj vaid was unsure whether he would be able to cure the child, but since Deva Kaljayi himself asked the king for his treatment, he was assured that the treatment will work. According to the rules, no one was permitted to bring an outsider to the island, so the king decided to keep his presence a secret.

Many years passed and the treatment started showing results and, although still in the suspended animation, the color of the baby had gradually changed to green. The King gave the news to the queen and they decided to adopt the child, since they had no child of their own. Their decision was heard by Vishandhar, an evil Tantrik who wanted to become the ruler of the island, but was afraid of Mahatma Kaaldoot. He attacked the secret area where the baby was kept and escaped with him, but fearing the wrath of the god, he decided not to kill the baby and instead placed him back into the same bushes in the river where he was found. His plan failed as the queen soon got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter who was named Visarpi.

Vishandhar never knew that the baby that he left astray was cured enough to regain his senses. First, his face and later, his whole body, turned normal color and he started crying. A priest of the nearby temple located him and gave him to Professor Nagmani, who was wandering in the nearby forest searching for snakes. For unknown reasons, the priest narrated a fake story that the child belonged to a woman, who was a devotee of the Snake God, that had been raped. He also said that the child was blessed by an ichchhadhari naag, so he asked Nagmani to bring up the child and allows him to avenge his mother.

Nagmani realised that the priest was lying, but he took the child. The blood tests of the child showed that the child had minute, microscopic snakes in his blood, filling in for White blood cells. The child had extraordinary healing powers and was extremely venomous. He raised the baby, who become known as Nagraj.

Enemies : Innumerable enemies of Nagraj have appeared in Nagraj's comics; many died, but some lived on to appear again. Here is the list of Nagraj's major enemies that are still alive and who can be expected to make a comeback in future issues :

  • Professor Nagmani : Nagraj's so-called creator who brought up Nagraj.
  • Thodanga : A strange African human beast, characteristics match Rhino, Elephant and Turtle.
  • Nagdant : A jealous, comparatively weaker copy of Nagraj made by Professor Nagmani.
  • Tutan Khamen : Ancient Egyptian mummy whose main power-source, his mask, was snatched away by Nagraj.
  • Miss Killer : Beautiful, young, evil scientist from Japan.
  • Nagina : A female tantrik and shape-shifting snake.
  • Vishandhar : A male tantrik and shape-shifting snake.
  • Jaadugar Shakura : An evil sorcerer from an alien planet of immortal wizard dwarfs.
  • Nagpasha : Nagraj's immortal venomous uncle who murdered his parents.
  • Gurudev : Nagpasha's guru, a man good with science but evil on intentions who wishes to rule the world though Nagpasha.
  • Kentuki : A student of Nagpasha's Gurudeva, who is a physically powerful snake having the strength of fifty elephants.
  • Polka : A terrorist and scientist who works for Nagpasha.
  • Zulu : An African exorcist and scientist.
  • Sapera : A man whose power is Nagraj's weakness, i.e. snake charming music.
  • Karanvashi : A magician who uses hypnotism to enslave people.
  • See-Through : An invisible soul that stole a big share of Nagraj's shape-shifting power, but still wants more.
  • Vish-Amrit : Duo of Paranatural powers troubling innocents on Earth while playing hide and seek.
  • Khalnayak Nagraj : Evil part of Nagraj's brain which still exists in his unconscious mind.
  • Tantrata : Bharti's nanaji (maternal grandfather) who took over Bharti's brother Agraj's body and wants to rule the world.
  • Garalgant : A famous enemy of Dev kaljai but also become enemy of Nagraj.

Known Relatives and Close Friends : Nagraj, along with his deeds, has earned a large amount of friends, many of whom appeared just once, but some that appeared more often, and still fewer that became permanent figures in Nagraj's stories. Here is a list of some very well known characters in his comics :

  • King Takshakraj : father, deceased
  • Queen Lalita : mother, deceased
  • Baba Gorakhnath : Mentor
  • Mahatma Kaaldoot : Mentor
  • Dada Vedacharya : Mentor
  • Deva Kaaljayi : Family Deity
  • Nagpasha : Uncle (enemy)
  • Bharti : Friend
  • Visarpi : Queen of Nagdweep, love interest of Nagraj
  • Nagrani : Mother to Nagraj's son Nageesh in a parallel dimension
  • Super Commando Dhruva : Best Friend and an ally superhero
  • Saudangi : An Egyptian she-snake with thorns on her body that lives in his body
  • Sheetnag kumar : Friend that lives in his body
  • Naagu : Friend that lives in his body
  • Vishaank : Visarpi's brother and Nagraj's ally in form of Chhota(kid) Nagraj
  • Mahavyaal : Ruler of the ichchhadhari naags living in water.
  • Nageesh : Son that lives with mother Nagrani in a parallel dimension
  • Sillu : Friend and computer expert
  • Aiyer: Tamil tutor (Nagraj's latest obsession is to learn new languages)
  • Professor Srikant: Invisible killer (Adrishya Hatyara) with a situationally-driven personality
  • Panch naag: Naagdev, Sarpraj, Naagpreti, Singhnaag and Nagarjuna. They are Ichchhadhari naags(shape shifting snakes) from Naagdweep.
                                                                    Nagraj was presented to the world as a creation of Professor Nagmani. He was meant to be an ultimate killing machine, and his original plan was to hire out Nagraj to the highest bidder among villains and terrorist groups of the world.

Professor Nagmani used him for his other experimental projects and leased him for international terrorism. Nagmani always claimed that Nagraj's powers were evolved by feeding him bits of snake poison until his blood itself became poison. He claimed that his venom was a result of snake bites from 1,000 different species of snakes (This echoes the Indian legends of Poison-Men or Women, specifically raised to kill by their kiss) and his other powers evolved when he was treated with ashes of a dead ichchhadhaari snake. In reality, Nagraj was much more poisonous than any species of snakes because his venom was celestial.

Based largely on the Hindu myth of the shape shifting snake, Nagraj derives most of his powers from microscopic snakes that live in his bloodstream, in lieu of white blood cells. He has a number of powers, such as superhuman strength, poisonous breath, vish-foonkaar and bite, instant healing powers, and snakes that come out of his wrists. The snakes can come out individually or form into ropes, parachutes, and many others, depending on his imagination. His venom is believed to be far stronger than Potassium Cyanide, resulting in the melting of any living being's body if he bites them or vice-versa.

For his first mission, he was sold for a sum of $1 million and was to recover an ancient statue. Nagraj succeeds, but then is foiled by the Sage Baba Gorakhnath, who frees him from the mind control of Professor Nagamani. Waking up to a newer world amid the calmness of Gorakhnath, Nagraj takes a vow to eliminate terrorism from the world and works toward achieving this goal.

In his initial issues, Nagraj's powers were too limited, and at times he was even knocked out by powerful human opponents. His strength was also quite human in nature, as he would marvel at his opponent's strength, such as when someone picked up a car. Over the years, Nagraj became powerful enough to not only pick up falling cars single-handedly, but also to achieve feats such as throwing things into outer space effortlessly. This happened in the issue Nagadhish, when he threw the controlling sceptre of a serpent court official into orbit.

It is notable, and perhaps ironic, that Nagraj has now been transformed into a mythical/magical creature facing fantastical creatures as his enemies, with elements of sorcery/magic and even time and space travel. Many cite this as a reason for the continuous, meteoric rise in popularity of Nagraj comics. However, purists still claim that they prefer the more realistic, more practical stories that Nagraj began with.


  1. Nagraj.pdf  New  Size: 9 MB
  2. Nagraj Ki Kabra.pdf   New  Size: 11 MB
  3. Nagraj Ka Badla.pdf  New  Size: 9 MB
  4. Nagraj Ki Hongkong Yatra.pdf  New  Size: 6 MB
  5. Nagraj Aur Shango.pdf  New  Size: 6 MB
  6. Khoni Khoj.pdf  New  Size: 6 MB
  7. Khooni Yatra.pdf  New  Size: 12 MB
  8. Nagraj Ka Insaaf.pdf  New  Size: 6 MB
  9. Khooni Jung.pdf  New  Size: 5 MB
  10. Pralayankari Nagraj.pdf  New  Size: 5 MB
  11. Khooni Kabila.pdf  New  Size: 7 MB
  12. Cobra Ghati.pdf  New  Size: 7 MB
  13. Bachon Ke Dushman.pdf  New  Size: 7 MB
  14. Pralayankari Mani.pdf  New  Size: 8 MB
  15. Nagraj aur Shankar Shehanshah.pdf  New  Size: 7 MB
  16. Nagraj Ka Dushman.pdf  New  Size: 8 MB
  17. Ichhadhari Nagraj.pdf  New  Size: 5 MB
  18. Nagraj Aur Kaaldoot.pdf  New  Size: 8 MB
  19. Jadugar Shakoora.pdf  New  Size: 5 MB
  20. Nagraj Aur Bauna Shaitaan.pdf  New  Size: 5 MB
  21. Tajmahal ki Chori.pdf  New  Size: 6 MB
  22. Nagraj Aur Lal Maut.pdf  New  Size: 5 MB
  23. Nagraj Aur Kabuki Ka Khajana  New  Size: 6 MB
  24. Nagraj Aur Thodanga.pdf  New  Size: 10 MB
  25. Nagraj Aur Toofan - Ju.pdf  New  Size: 8 MB
  26. Nagran Aur Jadu Ka Shahansha.pdf  New  Size: 7 MB
  27. Nagraj ka Safar   (Special Issue)
  28. Nagraj Aur Super Commando Dhruv.pdf  New  Size: 17 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  29. Nagraj Aur Bugaku.pdf  New  Size: 16 MB
  30. Nagraj - Ajgar Ka Toofan.pdf  New  Size: 9 MB
  31. Nagraj - Bakora Ka Jadu.pdf  New  Size: 10 MB
  32. Nagraj - Pyramido Ki Rani.pdf  New  Size: 8 MB
  33. Nagraj Aur Mr 420.pdf  New  Size: 7 MB 
  34. Nagraj - Thodanga Ki Maut.pdf  New  Size: 6 MB
  35. Nagraj - Bam Bam Bigelo.pdf  New  Size: 10 MB
  36. Nagina Ka Jaal.pdf  New  Size: 13 MB
  37. Nagraj Aur Nagina.pdf  New  Size: 13 MB 
  38. Phir Aaya Nagdant.pdf  New  Size: 14 MB
  39. Nagraj Aur Miss Killer.pdf  New  Size: 9 MB
  40. Nagraj Aur Tutntu.pdf  New  Size: 30 MB
  41. Nagraj Aur Adrushya Hatyara.pdf  New  Size: 15 MB
  42. Nagraj Aur Kanja.pdf  New  Size: 14 MB
  43. Nagraj Aur Papraj.pdf  New  Size: 11 MB
  44. Vijeta Nagraj.pdf  New  Size: 18 MB
  45. Nagraj - Visarpi Ki Shaadi.pdf  Size: 17 MB
  46. Nagraj - Shakoora Ka Chakravyuh.pdf  Size: 17 MB
  47. Nagraj Ka Ant.pdf  Size: 18 MB
  48. Nagraj - Zaher.pdf  Size: 17 MB
  49. Nagpasha.pdf  Size: 16 MB
  50. Nagraj - Khazana.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  51. Crime King.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  52. Rajnagar Ki Tabahi.pdf  Size: 13 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  53. Vishkanya.pdf  Size: 19 MB
  54. Snake Park.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  55. Ichadhari.pdf  Size: 10 MB
  56. Kenchuli.pdf  Size: 18 MB
  57. Nagraj - Pralay.pdf  Size: 16 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  58. Vinash.pdf  Size: 16 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  59. Zehrile.pdf  Size: 22 MB
  60. Banmbi.pdf  Size: 10 MB
  61. Tanashah.pdf  Size: 26 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  62.  Sapera.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  63.  Fun.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  64. Nagin.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  65. Kaliyug.pdf  Size: 17 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  66. Vish Amrit.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  67. Raj Ka Raj.pdf  Size: 13 MB
  68. Kohraam Multistarrer
  69. Kayamat.pdf  Size: 16 MB
  70. Mrityudand.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  71. Nagdweep.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  72. Trifaana.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  73. Mahayudh.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  74. Agraj.pdf  Size: 20 MB
  75. Nagraj Ka Kaher.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  76. Tandav.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  77. Zalzala.pdf  Size: 20 MB Multistarrer 
  78. Aatank.pdf  Size: 11 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  79. Dushman Nagraj.pdf  Size: 10 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  80. Shaktiheen Nagraj.pdf  Size: 10 MB
  81. Nahin Bachega Nagraj.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  82. Kaalchakra
  83. Kaal Chakra.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  84. Nagraj - Kundli.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  85. Sangraam 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  86. Nagraj - Vidhwansh.pdf  Size: 21 MB Multistarrer
  87. Nagraj - Parkale.pdf  Size: 20 MB Multistarrer
  88. Elan-E-Jung.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  89. Nagraj - Kali Maut.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  90. Nagraj - Sanhaar.pdf  Size: 14 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  91. Nagraj America Me.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  92. Aatankwadi Nagraj.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  93. Nagraj Aur Dracula.pdf  Size: 21 MB Dracula Series 
  94. Dracula Ka Ant.pdf  Size: 20 MB Dracula Series 
  95. Nagraj - Kolahal.pdf  Size: 21 MB Dracula Series 
  96. Vishheen Nagraj.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  97. Icchadhari Chor.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  98. Khalnayak Nagraj.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  99. Samrat.pdf  Size: 13 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  100. Soudangi.pdf  Size: 14 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  101. Rakshak Nagraj.pdf  Size: 13 MB
  102. Sarvashaktiman.pdf  Size: 20 MB Multistarrer
  103. Laava.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  104. Vinashlela.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  105. Pagal Nagraj.pdf  Size: 10 MB
  106. Masiha.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  107. Chakra.pdf  Size: 17 MB Multistarrer
  108. Madyusa.pdf  Size: 21 MB Multistarrer
  109. Chota Nagraj.pdf  Size: 17 MB
  110. So Jaa Nagraj.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  111. Sheshnaag.pdf  Size: 16 MB
  112. Bhanumati Ka Pitara.pdf  Size: 14 MB
  113. Nagadheesh.pdf  Size: 15 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  114. Vartmaan.pdf  Size: 16 MB 2 in 1 (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  115. Flemina.pdf  Size: 18 MB Multistarrer
  116. Funkaar.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  117. Sarvanaash  2 in 1 (Super Commando Dhruva, Doga)
  118. Varankand.pdf  Size: 21 MB Nagayan Series 
  119. Grahankand.pdf  Size: 11 MB Nagayan Series 
  120. Surma 2 in 1 (Nagraj & Parmanu)
  121. Kayamat 2 in 1 (Nagraj & Parmanu)
  122. Harankand.pdf  Size: 24 MB Nagayan Series 
  123. Hari Maut.pdf  Size: 10 MB
  124. Zehreela Barood.pdf  Size: 26 MB
  125. Sharankand.pdf  Size: 19 MB Nagayan Series 
  126. Mamber.pdf  Size: 21 MB
  127. Numero Uno.pdf  Size: 31 MB
  128. Operation Surgery.pdf  Size: 31 MB
  129. Dahankand.pdf  Size: 83 MB Nagayan Series 
  130. Mission Critical.pdf  Size: 39 MB
  131. Nagraj - Teen Sikke.pdf  Size: 41 MB
  132. Nagraj - Jung Maut Tak.pdf  Size: 38 MB
  133. Rannkand.pdf  Size: 38 MB Nagayan Series 
  134. Samarkand.pdf  Size: 26 MB Nagayan Series 
  135. Nagraj Under Arrest.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  136. Iteekand.pdf  Size: 72 MB Nagayan Series 
  137. Omerta.pdf  Size: 24 MB
  138. Aankh Micholi.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  139. Panchwa Shikar.pdf  Size: 27 MB
  140. Nagraj - 26-11.pdf  Size: 17 MB
  141. Gehari Chaal.pdf  Size: 23 MB Multistarrer (Fighter Toads,Nagraj, Dhruva)
  142. Nagraj Ke Baad.pdf  Size: 13 MB
  143. Fuel.pdf  Size: 37 MB
  144. Venom.pdf  Size: 13 MB
  145. Halla Boll.pdf  Size: 18 MB
  146. Level Zero.pdf  Size: 19 MB Multistarrer (Fighter Toads,Nagraj, Dhruva)
  147. Ronin.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  148. Nagraj - Kamikaze.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  149. Nagraj - Tomo.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  150. Shikata-Ga-Nai.pdf  Size: 5 MB
  151. Abhishapt.pdf  Size: 19 MB
  152. Avshesh.PDF  Size: 11 MB Multistarrer (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  153. Chunauti.pdf  Size: 35 MB Multistarrer (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  154. Hedron.pdf  Size: 47 MB Multistarrer (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  155. Aadamkhor.pdf  Size: 15 MB
  156. Nagraj Hai Na.pdf  Size: 10 MB
  157. Kyon Hai Nagraj.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  158. Infected.pdf  Size: 18 MB (Narak Nasak Nagraj) 
  159.  I-Spy.pdf  Size: 18 MB Multistarrer (Aatankharta Nagraj & Tiranga)
  160. Mrityujivi
  161. Aadam
  162. Order Of Babel
  163. New World Order
  164. Kaal Karal
  165. Maqbara
  166. Takshak
  167. World War
  168. Veergati
  170. Upsanhar  Multistarrer (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
  171. Narak Nashak  (Narak Nasak Nagraj) 
  172. Narak Niyati (Narak Nasak Nagraj)  
  173. Sarvyugam Multistarrer  
  174. Saravdaman Multistarrer   

  1. Varankand.pdf  Size: 21 MB
  2. Grahankand.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  3. Harankand.pdf  Size: 24 MB
  4. Sharankand.pdf  Size: 19 MB
  5. Dahankand.pdf  Size: 83 MB
  6. Rannkand.pdf  Size: 38 MB
  7. Samarkand.pdf  Size: 26 MB
  8. Iteekand.pdf  Size: 72 MB


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    3. Hi Abhay, Can you mail me Dhurv / Doga/ Bhokal ki full comic set at viren_mangal@yahoo.com

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