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MAHABALI BHOKAL Comics Collection

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Bhokal as in "Guru Bhokal" series

Publisher     Raj Comics
Created by     Sanjay Gupta

                                                He is a legendary winged warrior prince of a fictional fabled fairyland. He descended to earth on a private mission and landed in Vikasnagar, becoming a zealous defender of interests of Vikasnagar.
                                          Real name Rajkumar(Prince) Alop, Bhokal appeared first in a seven comic series along with his friends Tureen (with whom he falls in love), Shootan and Atikrur. He killed his rival Fuchang who was responsible for death of his parents..
                                                                  Bhokal can summon the 'Bhokal-Shakti', the power of his teacher, Mahaguru Bhokal, by hailing his name in battle, shouting 'Jai Mahaguru Bhokal'. He acquires super-human physical attributes, apart from receiving the mystical Sword and Shield of his master. The Sword is capable of cutting through most of the then-known materials and elements, making it one of the greatest weapons of its time. It can also be used to emit 'Jwala-Shakti', a mystical fire from its edge, which is known to burn away almost anything in a matter of seconds. The Shield is capable of blocking any physical or supernatural attack and also allows its wielder to fly via the Shield. He once wielded the weapon Prahara on his forehead, in memory of its previous owner and Bhokal's deceased wife, Turin. It granted him psychic powers.

                                             Bhokal married thrice; first with Turin and then Rupsi(who could communicate with animals) and Saloni(a skilled archer). Although he never loved the other two as much as he loved Turin, bound by vow to protect them, he can never leave them. Turin was the owner of the magical weapon prahara . Turin was killed by Himraj in the Himalayan valleys. Bhokal was out in the battlefields fighting for his adopted country and could not save her. Later in Saat Sawaal he goes in search of her soul and finally he gets back his beloved Turin in Laut Aayi Turin. His friend Shootan was the sammohan-samrat...who could hypnotise anyone and anything with his eyes. He married Venu who started her career as a child-kidnapper but after falling in love with Shootan transformed herself for the better and then fought many a battle alongside her husband, Bhokal, Turin, etc., she carried a flute that could mesmerise anybody and get converted into a battle axe if summoned. Shootan was killed by his enemies in Chitaghati. But after many years he came back in Ghar Aaya Shootan under mysterious circumstances and it was not very clear whether he was the same Shootan or some impersonator. Another friend Atikrur, the wielder of the dantak has the strength of 10 elephants and can flatten mountains with his blows. He married Peku Pakodia but later on his appearances with Bhokal dwindled after he went back to his planet. His other friends and allies include the magician Tilli, his guide Gajo-Bajo, the man with the power of totems - Totka and the children of King Vikasmohan and Rani Mohini.

                                           Presently Bhokal's parental origins are being explored in the latest issues starting from 'Dhikkar' where Bhokal looses his powers as a result of a conspiracy planned by his master and mentor Mahaguru Bhokal. In issues 'Dhikkar' and 'Antardwand' Bhokal battles to retain his powers as well as find and clear name of his biological father 'Yuddheshthveer'. His quest to find his father continues in 'Yugaandhar'. Mr. Nitin Mishra is writing the origin series for Bhokal, Dhikkar and Antardwand were its debut issues which were illustrated by Mr. Hemant Kumar. Yugaandhar is illustrated by Mr. Lalit Singh and Mr. Nitin Mishra, it is written by Mr. Nitin Mishra.

                                                            Enemies : Incomputable enemies of Bhokal have appeared in Bhokal's comics; many died, but some lived on to appear again. Here is the list of Bhokal's major enemies :

  • Fuchang : Appears in First seven Comics of Bhokal, Fuchang is the murderer of Bhokal's Family, Killed by Bhokal in comics "Bhokal Aur Fuchang"
  • Himraj
  • Rani Chanda
  • Guneek
  • Kaal-Kundli
  • Dharni-Dhar
  • Maharavan
  • Kaal
  • Chaddam
  • Kubda Shaitan
  • Rani Maya
  • Baba Yaga
New Bhokal : Pari Rakshak Bhokal :  In order to publish something for the kids, Raj comics has started publishing a new series namely Pari Rakshak Bhokal. This Bhokal is entirely different from the original one but has the same powers. And story also takes place in the present Rc universe.

Free Download All Bhokaal Comics : -

  1. G0252- Bhokal Aur Khaufnak Khel भोकाल और खौफ्नाक खेल  Size: 4 MB
  2. G0302-Bhokal Aur Tilismi Olympic भोकाल और तिलिस्मी ओलिंपिक  Size: 7 MB
  3. G0305 Bhokaal भोकाल  Size: 2 MB
  4. G0312- Bhokal Aur Shutan भोकाल और शुतन  Size: 4 MB
  5. G0321- Bhokal Aur Atikrur भोकाल और अतिक्रूर Size: 3 MB
  6. Bhokal Tilsim me तिल्सिम में भोकाल 
  7. G0331- Bhokal Aur TilsimTut Gaya भोकाल और तिल्सिम टूट गया Size: 7 MB
  8. G0336- Bhokal Aur Fuchang भोकाल और फुचंग  Size: 8 MB
  9. G0340- Bhokal Atikrur Aur Gajok भोकाल और अतिक्रूर और गजोक  Size: 3 MB
  10. Bhokal Aur Vikanda भोकाल और विकानडा 
  11. Bhokal Aur Sabse Bada Hatyara भोकाल और सबसे बड़ा हत्यारा 
  12. G0360-Bhokal Aur Piku Pakodiya भोकाल और पिकू पकोडिया  Size: 4 MB
  13. G0365- Bhokal Aur Tureen भोकाल और तुरीन  Size: 4 MB
  14. G0370- Bhokal Aur Kapala भोकाल और कपाला  Size: 5 MB
  15. G0382- Bhokal Aur Jahar Ghati भोकाल और जहर घाटी Size: 5 MB
  16. G0389- Bhokal Aur Shutan Ki Shadi भोकाल और शुतन की शादी  Size: 7 MB
  17. G0410-Bhokal Aur Shaitaan Buddhe भोकाल और शैतान बुड्ढे Size: 4 MB
  18. G0440-Bhokal Aur Teen Chudelay भोकाल और तीन चुडेलें Size: 4 MB
  19. G0455-Bhokal Aur Tantra भोकाल और तंत्र  Size: 4 MB
  20. G0475-Chamatkari Bhokal चमत्कारी भोकाल  Size: 5 MB
  21. Mahaguru Bhokal महागुरु भोकाल  
  22. G0491-Shakti Shali Bhokal शक्ति शाली भोकाल Size: 8 MB
  23. G0504-Bhokal Aur Mahayodha महयोधा भोकाल Size: 5 MB
  24. Bankelal Aur Bhokal बांकेलाल और भोकाल 
  25. G0516-Bhokal Aur Patal Hatayara भोकाल और पाताल हत्यारा Size: 4 MB
  26. G0518-Bhokal Aur Narakjaal भोकाल और नरक्जाल  Size: 4 MB
  27. G0539-Bhokal Aur Vajra भोकाल और वज्र  Size: 4 MB
  28. G0543-Bhokal Aur Kalikanthi भोकाल और कालीकंठी Size: 4 MB
  29. G0558-Bhokal Aur Jwalashakti भोकाल और ज्वालाशक्ति  Size: 4 MB
  30. G0569-Bhokal Aur Shaitan Vriksh भोकाल और शैतान वृक्ष  Size: 9 MB
  31. G0579-Bhokal Ka Bhukamp भोकाल का भूकंप  Size: 4 MB
  32. G0587-Bhokal Aur Bawnder भोकाल और बवंडर  Size: 4 MB
  33. G0599-Bhokal Aur Main Hatayara Hu भोकाल और मैं हत्यारा हू Size: 5 MB
  34. G0611-Parakrami Bhokal पराक्रमी भोकाल  Size: 5 MB
  35. G0617-Bhokal Aur Kilaari Ka Rahsya भोकाल और किलारी का रहस्य Size: 4 MB
  36. Bhokal Aur Cheeta Nagri भोकाल और चीता नगरी
  37. G0632-Bhokal Aur Tureen Ki Jung भोकाल और तुरीन की जंग  Size: 5 MB
  38. G0648-Bhokal Aur Yeh Sadyantra Hai भोकाल और यह षड्यंत्र है Size: 4 MB
  39. G0659-Bhokal Aur Hatya Karuga Main भोकाल और हत्या करुगा मैं  Size: 4 MB
  40. Bhokal Aur Atmahatya भोकाल और आत्महत्या
  41. G0680-Bhokal Aur Tilsima भोकाल और तिल्सिमा   Size: 4 MB
  42. G0687-Bhokal Aur Kubda Shaitan भोकाल और कुबड़ा शैतान   Size: 4 MB
  43. G0697-Bhokal Aur Kaun Banega Raja भोकाल और कौन बनेगा राजा Size: 4 MB
  44. G0702-Bhokal Aur Yudh Jeetunga Mai भोकाल और युद्ध जीतूँगा मै Size: 4 MB
  45. G0707-Bhokal Nahi Harega भोकाल नहीं हारेगा Size: 4 MB
  46. G0723-Bhokal Gayab भोकाल गायब  Size: 3 MB
  47. G0727-Bhokal Aur Jal Utha Ragistan भोकाल और जल उठा रगिस्तान  Size: 4 MB
  48. G0736-Rate Ka Bhokal रेत का भोकाल  Size: 4 MB
  49. G0755-Bhokal Aur Mar Gaya Sutaan रेतमर गया सुलतान Size: 3 MB
  50. G0771-Bhokal Aur AtyiaChari भोकाल और अत्या चारी Size: 4 MB
  51. G0791-Bhokal Aur Chudail Maa भोकाल और चुड़ैल माँ   Size: 7 MB
  52. G0795-Bhokal Aur Divya Shashtra भोकाल और दीव्य शश्त्र  Size: 4 MB
  53. Bhokal Aur Dharni Dhar भोकाल और धरनी धर  
  54. Bhokal Aur Vishv Rakshak भोकाल और विश्व रक्षक 
  55. G0912-Bhokal Aur Laghu Ghaati भोकाल और लघु घाटी Size: 3 MB
  56. Bhokal Aur Raktpaat भोकाल और रक्तपात 
  57. G0930-Bhokal Aur Aakhetak भोकाल और आखेटक  Size: 4 MB
  58. Bhokal Aur Guru Dakshina भोकाल और गुरु दक्षिणा
  59. Bhokal Aur Durgama भोकाल और दुर्गमा  
  60. G0960-Bhokal Aur Mrityunjay भोकाल और मृत्युंजय Size: 4 MB
  61. Bhokal Aur Lakshya भोकाल और लक्ष्य
  62. G0980-Bhokal Aur Gurutwa भोकाल और गुरुत्वा  Size: 9 MB
  63. G0990-Bhokal Aur Guneek भोकाल और गुनीक  Size: 4 MB
  64. Fansi Do Bhokal Ko फाँसी दो भोकाल को 
  65. hokal Ranchhod भोकाल रणछोड़ 
  66. Bhokal Chhadam भोकाल छदम 
  67. Bhokal Ka Kaal भोकाल का काल  
  68. Bhokal Aur Kaal Kundli भोकाल और काल कुंडली
  69. Bhokal Aur Mrityuyog भोकाल और मृत्युयोग 
  70. G1071-Bhokal Aur Divya Charan भोकाल और दिव्या चरण  Size: 3 MB
  71. G1073-Anth.pdf  Size: 3 MB
  72. G1200-Bhokal Aur Kaaljantri भोकाल और काल्जंत्री  Size: 4 MB
  73. S0018- Bhokaal Ki Talwar.pdf  Size: 10 MB
  74. S0034-Khatron Ki Dharti.pdf  Size: 27 MB
  75. S0062-Shaadi Nahin Hogi.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  76. S0066-Kachhua Mahal.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  77. S0076-Shaitan Beta.pdf  Size: 6 MB
  78. S0076-Shaitan Beta.pdf  Size: 6 MB
  79. S0083-Buddhipasa.pdf  Size: 17 MB
  80. S0087-Aakhiri Nishaani.pdf  Size: 15 MB
  81. S0095-Kaalkoot.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  82. S0097-Mrityujeet.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  83. S0099-Dankini.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  84. S0103-Kapalika.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  85. S0107-Kalanka.pdf  Size: 10 MB
  86. S0112-Mahayudh.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  87. S0114-Maharavan.pdf  Size: 20 MB
  88. S0134-Mrityusanket.pdf  Size: 17 MB
  89. S0144-Mohra.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  90. S0148-Maat.pdf  Size: 18 MB
  91. S0163-Bhokaal Bana Kankaal.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  92. S0170-Tilismi Nindra.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  93. S0178-Jaal.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  94. S0182-Ja Lalkaar Maut Ko.pdf  Size: 13 MB
  95. S0197-Ek Aur Bhishm.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  96. S0221-Shaitan Ki Maa.pdf  Size: 25 MB
  97. S02282-Guru Bhokaal.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  98. S0236-Shikanja.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  99. S0243-Maya Ka Jadu.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  100. S0221-Shaitan Ki Maa.pdf  Size: 25 MB
  101. S02282-Guru Bhokaal.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  102. S0236-Shikanja.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  103. S0243-Maya Ka Jadu.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  104. S0247-Bhootkaal.pdf  Size: 17 MB
  105. S0249-Diggaj.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  106. S0252-Prahara.pdf  Size: 13 MB
  107. S0258-Janjaal.pdf Size: 10 MB
  108. S0262-Rajlakshmi.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  109. S0269-Trikhanda.pdf  Size: 17 MB
  110. S0277-Durbhiksh.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  111. S0284-Bhokaal Mera Ghulam.pdf  Size: 14 MB
  112. S0290-Bhokaal Jeet.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  113. S0299-Sabse Bada Mahabali.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  114. S0314-Jigar Ka Tukda.pdf  Size: 5 MB
  115. S0317-Chhal.pdf  Size: 6 MB
  116. S0321-Trikaal.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  117. S0333-Bhag Ja Bhokaal.pdf  Size: 10 MB
  118. S0345-Mrit Sanjeevni.pdf Size: 8 MB
  119. S0352-Mrityu Aayi.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  120. S0363-Jo Jeeta So Hara.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  121. S0370-Markesh.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  122. S0381-Bhagya Vidhata.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  123. S0392-Trishaap.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  124. S0405-Saat Sawal.pdf  Size: 10 MB
  125. S0414-Laut Aayi Tureen.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  126. S0424-Mai Vachan Deta Hu.pdf  Size: 14 MB
  127. S0427-Kaal Yatra.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  128. S0440-Kaal Vashibhoot.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  129. S0452-Putla Tantra.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  130. S0463-Patal Vijeta.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  131. S0469-Bhoot Bhavisya.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  132. S0476-Mitraghat.pdf  Size: 6 MB
  133. S0487-Nasht.pdf  Size: 10 MB
  134. S0517-Bhago Bhokaal Aaya.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  135. S0529-Kaal Raat.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  136. S0553-Lutera Bhokaal.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  137. S0576-Asthi Shastra.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  138. S0589-Khoon Karega Khoon.pdf  Size: 10 MB
  139. S0602-Kachhua Kawach.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  140. S0609-Mrityubeej.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  141. S0624-Ghar Aaya Shootan.pdf  Size: 8 MB
  142. S0634-Shaitan Chakra.pdf  Size: 5 MB
  143. S0649-Amrit Nahi Milega.pdf  Size: 5 MB
  144. S0658-Bhagya Lekhni.pdf  Size: 18 MB
  145. S0677-Ladna Seekho.pdf  Size: 11 MB
  146. S0679-Bisaat.pdf  Size: 9 MB
  147. S0688-Sammohan Ghat.pdf  Size: 8 MB 
  148. S2287-Kaal.pdf  Size: 4 MB (Kaal Series)
  149. S2298-Kaaldansh.pdf  Size: 12 MB (Kaal Series)
  150. S2307-Antkaal.pdf  Size: 13 MB (Kaal Series)
  151. S2327-Saat Ajoobe.pdf  Size: 14 MB (Pari Rakshak Bhokal Series)
  152. S2332-Baba Yaaga.pdf  Size: 4 MB (Pari Rakshak Bhokal Series)
  153. S2343-Cindrella.pdf  Size: 5 MB (Pari Rakshak Bhokal Series)
  154. S2348-Nightingale.pdf  Size: 6 MB : (Pari Rakshak Bhokal Series)
  155. S2358-Pratham Bhokaal.pdf  Size: 12 MB
  156. S2376-Pari Janam.pdf  Size: 7 MB
  157. S2389-Dev Yudh.pdf  Size: 6 MB
  158. SS0007-KhalNayak.cbz  Size: 11 MB
  159. SS0008-MahaNayak.cbz  Size: 12 MB
  160. Bhokal Janm
  161. Mahaguru Bhokal
  162. Dhikkar
  163. Antardwand
  164. Yugandhar
  165. Sarvanayak 
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