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Gojo Comics Collection :गोजो कॉमिक्स

                          Gojo (गोजो), an Indian comic book character, is one of the earliest among numerous titles published by Raj Comics.In the Dwapar Yuga, demons ruled over the world with terror and chaos. Their leader, Khunkhara was a cruel and powerful demon who sought to displace gods as the deities of the Earth. He killed countless humans and gods alike by destroying cities and empires, with numerous brutal acts, thereby establishing himself as the most terrifying and feared being on earth. The Hrishi-Munies were also victimised, as their Yagyas were always interrupted by the demons. Hrishi Taptamukhi, a highly respected Muni, determined to remove the demons from the face of the earth, started a yagya to request the Gods to send them the one who will cleanse earth from the dirt of evil. Out of this yagya, appeared 7 mystical beings and at last, Gojo. He ordered the 7 mystical beings who appeared before him to enter his body. From there, he embarked on his journey to fight and destroy evil, and restore peace. On his journey, Gojo fought the spider-like Mankat Demons, who were attacking a nearby city defeating them with ease. Their leader, Mankot forfeited to the might of Gojo. Mankot, who felt a change of heart after this fight, offered to become his ride forever, and to help him in his quest of fighting evil. Gojo, along with his new friend then faced the leader of the demons, Khunkhara. After a long and hefty battle, Gojo finally succeeded in killing Khunkhara. Although the demon Chief was killed, Gojo's objective was not completed, to eliminate evil for once and for all. Thus he resumed his journey of fighting evil, along with the 7 Mystical beings and his trusted friend/ride Mankot. Since then, he has risked his life and challenged evil numerous times to meet the goal for which he was born.


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  1. GOJO गोजो
  2. Gojo Aur Bijilika गोजो और बिजिलिका
  3. Gojo Aur Tanashah गोजो और तानाशाह
  4. Gojo Aur Gojila Ka Maha Sangram गोजो और गोजिला का महा संग्राम
  6. ojo Ko Khojo गोजो को खोजो
  7. Gojo Aur Mankot गोजो और मनकोट
  8. Mahabali Gojo महाबली गोजो
  9. Gojo Aur Vajra गोजो और वज्रा
  10. Gojo Aur Jadugar Shaitan गोजो और जादूगर शैतान
  11. Gojo Aur Jadu Ki Dharti गोजो और जादू की धरती
  12. GGojo Aur Yuddh गोजो और युद्ध
  13. Gojo Aur Kank गोजो और कंक
  14. Gojo Aur Jung गोजो और जंग
  15. Gojo Aur Chamak Mani गोजो और चमक मणि
  16. Gojo Aur Konika Ki Chandrika गोजो और कोनिका की चन्द्रिका
  18. Gojo Aur Ghatoketu गोजो और घटोकेतु
  19. Gojo Aur Shakti Vriksh गोजो और शक्ति वृक्ष
  20. Gojo Aur Kancha गोजो और कंचा
  21. Gojo Aur Ret Ka Shaitan गोजो और रेत का शैतान
  22. Gojo Aur Lal Hatyara गोजो और लाल हत्यारा
  24. Gojo Aur Jaghanya गोजो और जघन्य
  25. Sarvyugam  (Sarvnayak Series)

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