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Fantom comics in hindi (Vetaal | Chalta Firta Pret) | indrajal comics

                           Indrajal Comics Publication of Phantom comics in India in English, Hindi and other Indian languages 1964-1990 with Indian name Vetaal,Chalta Firta Pret,वेताल. 
                              originally The Phantom is an American adventure comic strip created by Lee Falk, also creator of Mandrake the Magician. A popular feature adapted into many media, including television, film and video games, it stars a costumed crimefighter operating from the fictional African country Bangalla. 
                             The Phantom is the 21st in a line of crimefighters that originated in 1536, when the father of British sailor Christopher Walker was killed during a pirate attack. Swearing an oath on the skull of his father's murderer to fight evil, Christopher started the legacy of the Phantom that would be passed from father to son, leaving people to give the mysterious figure nicknames such as "The Ghost Who Walks", "Guardian of the Eastern Dark" and "The Man Who Cannot Die", believing him to be immortal. 
                              Unlike many fictional costumed heroes, the Phantom does not have any superpowers, and relies on his strength, intelligence, and fearsome reputation of being an immortal ghost to defeat his foes. The 21st Phantom is married to Diana Palmer, whom he met while studying in the United States; they have two children, Kit and Heloise. Like all previous Phantoms, he lives in the ancient Skull Cave, and has a trained wolf, Devil, and a horse named Hero.
                             The series began with a daily newspaper strip on February 17, 1936, followed by a color Sunday strip on May 28, 1939; both are still running as of 2014. At the peak of its popularity, the strip was read by over 100 million people each day.
                                            Lee Falk continued work on The Phantom until his death in 1999. Today the comic strip is produced by writer Tony DePaul and artists Paul Ryan (Monday-Saturday) and Terry Beatty (Sunday). Previous artists on the newspaper strip include Ray Moore, Wilson McCoy, Bill Lignante, Sy Barry, George Olesen, Keith Williams, Fred Fredericks, Graham Nolan and Eduardo Barreto.
                          New Phantom stories are published in comic books in different parts of the world, among them by Dynamite Entertainment in the United States, Egmont in Sweden, Norway and Finland (not anymore), and Frew Publications in Australia.
                                               The Phantom was the first fictional hero to wear the skintight costume that has now become a hallmark of comic book superheroes, and was also the first shown wearing a mask with no visible pupils, another superhero standard.     

Downloads Fantom comics in hindi :-                      

  1. V23-50-1986 Andheri Lehron Ke Saaye - 1
  2. V23-51-1986 Andheri Lehron Ke Saaye - 2 
  3. V24-01-1987 Nanhe Manavon Ki Duniya
  4. V24-03-1987 Mrut Basti Ki Zinda Moortiyaan
  5. V24-06-1987 Lehron Par Nachti Maut 
  6. V24-08-1987 Narbhakshi Devta 
  7. V24-10-1987 Tilismi Nishaan 
  8. V24-14-1987 Pret Ka Janm 
  9. V24-16-1987 Aadhi Raat Ka Aatank
  10. V24-19-1987 Badle Ki Aag
  11. V24-20-1987 Vetaal Kunj Ke Lutere 
  12. V24-23-1987 Koqania Ke Raktjeevi 
  13. V24-24-1987 Hatyaron Ka Khel 
  14. V24-33-1987 Hatyaron Ka Dweep 
  15. V24-36-1987 Khooni Dal 
  16. V25-01-1988 Samudra Ka Khazana - 1
  17. V25-02-1988 Samudra Ka Khazana - 2 
  18. V25-47-1988 Zehreele Daanav - 1
  19. V25-48-1988 Zehreele Daanav - 2 
  20. V25-49-1988 Zehreele Daanav - 3
  21. V25-06-1988 Adrashya Humlavar
  22. V25-12-1988 Pret Ki Yatra
  23. V25-13-1988 Jaadui Aag Ka Ghera
  24. V25N22-1988 Kaali Jheel Ka Jaadu
  25. 036-1967 Chakshuheen Vetaal
  26. V25N23-1988 Tarakimo Ka Aatank 
  27. V26N05-1989 Vidroh Ki Aag-1 
  28. V26N06-1989 Vidroh Ki Aag-2 
  29. V26N17-1989 Aatank Ka Devta 
  30. 337-1979 Corba Ke Heere 
  31. V26N25-1989 Jungle Ka Rakhwala 
  32. 095-1969 Rajyapaal Ka Sankat
  33. 345-1980 Zehreeli Toli-1
  34. 346-1980 Zehreeli Toli-2
  35. 412-1982 Lutera Raajkumar-1
  36. 413-1982 Lutera Raajkumar-2 
  37. 414-1982 Lutera Raajkumar-3
  38. 390-1981 Khooni Sadak-1 
  39. 391-1981 Khooni Sadak-2 
  40. V25N08-1988 Maut Ki Raahen-1 
  41. V25N09-1988 Maut Ki Raahen-2 
  42. V25N10-1988 Maut Ki Raahen-3 
  43. V25N18-1988 Amaaland Ki Humlavar - 1 
  44. V25N19-1988 Amaaland Ki Humlavar - 2 
  45. V25N34-1988 Vetaal Ki Premika 
  46. 289-1977 Neela Daanav 
  47. V25N38-1988 Pret Ki Gawaahi-1
  48. V25N39-1988 Pret Ki Gawaahi-2 
  49. V25N40-1988 Pret Ki Gawaahi-3
  50. 032-1966 Ooguru Ooguru
  51. 068-1968 Mahabali Vetaal Aur Denkali Ke Ratna Pujari 
  52. 072-1968 Mrityu Ki Jwala 
  53. 418-1982 Hawamahal Par Humla
  54. 442-1982 Pret Ka Parivaar
  55. 279-1977 Pishachini-1
  56. 280-1977 Pishachini-2  
  57. V26-39-1989 Vetaal Ke Dushman
  58. 275-1977 Toofan Ki Ek Raat
  59. 256-1976 Saagar That Ke Daku
  60. 255-1976 Denkali Mein Narbali 
  61. 248-1976 Grihasthya Vetaal 
  62. 214-1974 Manushya Ya Pret 
  63. 211-1974 Pret Ki Chunauti
  64. 210-1974 Mrityu Ka Nimantran
  65. 208-1974 Vetaal Ka Byaah 
  66. 201-1974 Khooni Panja
  67. 204-1974 Zoko Ki Pratigya 
  68. 022-1965 Pashuon Ka Raja
  69. 082-1969 Trondley Ka Aatank
  70. 266-1976 Taskaron Ka Khooni Jaal
  71. 264-1976 Pret Ki Pratigya
  72. 262-1976 Maut Ke Saudagar-1 
  73. 263-1976 Maut Ke Saudagar-2 
  74. 058-1968 Mahabali Vetaal Aur Rani Ka Jaal
  75. 080-1969 Mushtiyoddha Mahabali Vetaal
  76. 061-1968 Toofaan Ki Kahaani
  77. 059-1968 Itongo Ka Veer
  78. 170-1972 Lutere Paryatak
  79. 168-1972 Kahaan Hai Diana
  80. 166-1972 Vetaal ka Mitradweep
  81. 165-1972 Vijeta Kaun
  82. 162-1972 Jwalamukhi Ki Rani
  83. 160-1972 Vetaal Ka Gupt Khazana 

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